Radically creative cultures

David Mikula is a creative leader and new media artist based in New York City.

Put simply: he designs beloved experiences and tells subversive stories that bring the best out of humanity.

He’s helped build robots that fight cancer with Nike, made pianos that take requests via Twitter. Directed the film on Google Material Design, another on criminal justice reform. Designed airports and hospitals. Worked with NASA. Challenged Jeff Bezos to save the Amazon rainforest. Helped launch Impossible Foods. And hopes to invent the first sport to be played in outer space.

Over the past fifteen years, all of this work has become recognized for its striking balance of impact and experimentation, intention and play. After spending time at Wieden+Kennedy, Digital Kitchen, B-Reel, and Redscout: David founded Friends, a design and innovation studio with its own cult following. At Friends, he worked alongside ambitious leaders to tackle some of the most challenging issues of our time—health care, diversity, climate change, and education.

Most recently, David has joined Oscar Health to lead brand innovation and work towards healing the United States’ broken health care system.

You can expect that he will always put his energy towards building better, fairer futures.