X-Over Workshop

Oct 5, 2019 • 08:00h

  • locationHalle E, Workshop room
  • priceEUR 0,-
  • participants14 Persons

How SMEs benefit from creatives from graphic design & digital media

Speed ​​Dating with a difference – powered by KAT

You're part of a small and medium-sized business and want to let designers and digital experts explain what they can do to make your business a success? Meet 4 creatives and let them give you ideas on how to solve your digital problems.

Participate in the crossover workshop for SMEs and designers with a speed dating of a different kind within the framework of the OFFF Vienna. The workshop is limited to 14 people (7 creatives, 7 representatives of SMEs).

Participation of SMEs is still possible, workshop is already fully booked with creatives. Participants in the X-Over workshop will have free access to the OFFF Vienna for the duration of the workshop.


10:00 Welcome and Explanation Procedure & Rules

10:15 The creatives introduce themselves (1 minute each with a maximum of 1 slide, please prepare 4 business cards - these are needed for the draw for Speed ​​Dating)

10:30 The SMEs introduce themselves and their problems and challenges in the field of Graphic Design & Digital (each 3 minutes with a maximum of 3 slides, followed by: drawing the Speed ​​Dating Partner)

11:00 Speed ​​dating with ideas jam: Creative people explain approaches and solutions. Important: the workshop is not for free concept delivery. Creative people receive feedback from the entrepreneur about their presentation.

Conclusion: Exchange of contacts between creatives and SMEs for possible future cooperation.

Peter Schreckensberger, Consultant and Coach for Design Management, UnitedDesignPartners, will lead the workshop.

Portfolio Check

Oct 5, 2019 • 08:00h

  • locationHalle E Foyer
  • price--
  • participants--

As part of our cooperation with Designerdock we invite you to our Portfolio Check. Designerdock Austria Owner and CEO Patrik Sünwoldt will discuss your portfolios with you.

Portfolio consulting can initiate and advance important processes in your own development. Honest feedback should encourage you to increase your own skills and to become more aware of your abilities. Patrik Sünwoldt provides input on topics, style and personal visions as well as ideas to articulate realistic goals. An offer for students and job starters from the fields of graphic design and advertising / concept.
Patrik Sünwoldt, former Art/Creative Director with international experience in advertising agencies like Jung von Matt, Serviceplan and Ogilvy & Mather, manages the Austrian Designerdock, part of the largest recruitment consultancy for communication, marketing and design in German-speaking countries.

He will be available aprox. 4 hours on Saturday in the ‚Foyer‘ for personal portfolio sessions, lasting around 20min.
No registration. First come, first served.


It’s all about Paper, Baby!

Oct 4, 2019 • 11:30h

  • locationHalle E, Workshop room
  • priceEUR 30,-
  • participants15 Persons

You haven’t felt the sensation of beautiful paper in a while? Here’s your chance to go wild! Anna Frey, graphic designer and author of „Bücher binden“, will show you the beautiful world of Japanese bookbinding. In 60 minutes you will get in touch with different bookbinding techniques, hear about the importance of paper in design and finally bind your very own book – Japanese style. Beautiful paper and colorful yarns will be ready for you to experiment and make your notebook stand out.

All materials and tools are included.

Anna Frey is a graphic designer based in Vienna, part of the interdisciplinary collective STUDIO SEIS and founder of Workshops von Frey. She offers bookbinding workshops and illustrated step by step tutorials in order to help paper lovers to learn the art of bookbinding. Her first book „Bücher binden. Grundlagen und Techniken Schritt für Schritt“ is now available.

von Frey – Website, Instagram, Facebook

STUDIO SEIS – Website, Instagram, Facebook

Dalton Maag

Oct 5, 2019 • 12:30h

  • locationHalle E, Workshop room
  • priceEUR € 30,-
  • participants25 Persons

Variable Fonts, the next chapter in digital typography 

What are Variable Fonts and how can this emerging technology already be exploited? Dalton Maag will give a practical insight into this new technology, explain how it’s developed, and show what is out there to discover in this changing typographic landscape. Variable Fonts can be space saving, increase performance, and allow responsive and dynamic typography, but next to technical advantages, this new format has inspired new creative applications as designers are discovering typographic solutions that have not been possible until now.  

The workshop will allow for a deeper dive into the subject. Participants will be guided through a hands-on workshop, experiencing the basic drawing principles of digital type design that will help them them to understand how Variable Fonts are constructed. The tool for the exercise will be Adobe Illustrator. The outcome will be a typographic artwork.

Website, Twitter, Facebook

Q & A Session with BILDWERK

Oct 4, 2019 • 14:00h

  • locationHalle E, Workshop room
  • priceEUR 0,-
  • participants25 Persons

Young studios often are in the turmoil of strategic and economic development. BILDWERK, a viennese interdisciplinary studio, talks about how they deal with it.

BILDWERK combines visual art, interaction design and cutting-edge technologies to create smart, multimedia experiences. The collective enlivens digital ideas for customers from culture, industry and the public sector, who want to present themselves individually and innovatively. Together with a broad network of lateral thinkers behind the scenes, the team creates holistic sensual worlds of experience for exhibitions, trade fairs and events as well as in public spaces.

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Bildwerk – Website, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook